Energy: A 4th Grade Science Unit


In this unit, students explore how energy makes things move, focusing on potential and kinetic energy. Students will read articles and experiment with rubber band racers to discover the relationship between how much energy is stored in a material and how much is released. The exploration includes the collection of data, hypothesizing, modifying rubber band racers (engineering skills), and using results from data collection and article reading to develop their ideas.

ESTEEM Team Members
  • Josh Niehues, Murdock Elementary School
  • Linda Rice, Manzanita Elementary School
  • Melinda Kyllo, Alturas Elementary School
  • Summer Landon, Manzanita Elementary School
  • William Kipp, William Meteer Elementary School
  • Betsy Amis, Ponderosa Elementary School
  • Linda Swayne, French Gulch Whiskeytown Elementary School
  • Team Consultant, Mary Rose Monney

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