Grade 2: Earth’s Events Can Occur Quickly or Slowly (2-ESS1-1)


This is a twelve-day long unit focused on how Earth’s processes can occur quickly or slowly. The unit begins with an overview of what constitutes as a fast and a slow process and has students start to think about what kind of Earth’s processes exist (earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, volcanoes, and weathering and erosion). The following days students will go to different stations each day where they will read about, use a model, watch videos of, or write about different Earth processes. The class will have a whole class review/debrief day to solidify understanding. The final 3 days of the unit, students will work in their groups to create a poster in which they categorize the different processes they learned about by rate of change. Their posters will have descriptions of the processes and will include pictures to demonstrate student understanding.

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