Grade 4-5: Investigating Water Erosion – Stream Tables and Field Trip (4-ESS2-1)


This unit was taught to a 4th/5th combination class at Hooker Oak Elementary School. The focus of the unit was for students to observe and measure the rates of erosion by water, vegetation and human activity. This unit was the first time that students were exposed to the concept of erosion. Leading up to the unit the students received a lesson on soil types and absorption. The students were also exposed to landforms and how the Earth’s surface changes, during a previous field trip to Butte Creek. The objective of the unit was for students to observe through discovery that high rates of elevation and flow create a higher erosion rate. This unit was taught to a diverse group of students; including students with learning disabilities and a student with a visual impairment; all were able to partake in the experiment and the summative assessment.

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