Grade K: Why Do Squirrels Live in Bidwell Park? (K-ESS3-1)


The major goal of this five-day unit is for students to be able to discuss different habitats, why animals live where they do, what they need to live, and how they all link together. Students are introduced to a variety of habitats and begin to explore why it is that animals choose to live where they do. Day one will consist of introducing the idea that animals live in different places- but why? We look at different animals from our Zoophonics alphabet letters we review to think about and discuss where they live. Day two takes a look at seven different habitats and students begin to discover that certain habitats have what certain animals need to live. Day three consists of a field trip to see squirrels in their natural habitat and notice everything that the environment entails. Day four consists of the students building a model of what squirrels need to live in Bidwell Park, and day five concludes with what happens when environments change

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