How Landforms Change: A 2nd Grade Science Unit


Students receive a notebook at the beginning of the unit to record observations, ideas, and models of lessons presented as well as ideas that they have developed. Students describe changes to Earth forms through modeling, measurement and descriptive writing upon completion of each lesson. They cite the sources provided to support their ideas.

Students construct models in small groups, or as a whole class, demonstrating changes to landforms and their causes. Students conduct investigations in small groups, or as a whole class, which model changes to landforms. At the end of the unit, students are able to demonstrate an understanding of landforms and erosion through picture sorting.

ESTEEM Team Members
  • Ember Swan, French Gulch Whiskeytown Elementary School
  • Mari Ellis, William Metteer Elementary School, Red Bluff, CA
  • Katie Harris, Evergreen Elementary School, Yreka, CA
  • Michelle Mansfield, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Redding, CA
  • Julie Hjertstedt, Shaffer Elementary School, Shaffer, CA
  • Team Consultant, Michael Kotar, CSU, Chico

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