Make a Model of the Rock Cycle: A Middle School Science Unit


In this eight lesson unit, students investigate the energy flow and matter transfer processes in Earth’s crust as they develop a model to explain the rock cycle. Students learn about the processes of melting, crystallization, weathering, deformation, and sedimentation, which act together to form minerals and rocks through the cycling of Earth’s materials.

ESTEEM Team Members
  • Renay Hill, French Gulch Whiskeytown Elementary School
  • Curtis Schmidt, Alturas Elementary School
  • David Sommers, Castle Rock Elementary School
  • Greg Holman, Paradise Intermediate School
  • Eileen Woodhill, St. Joseph School, Redding, CA
  • Joanna McClellan, Manzanita School
  • Team Consultant: Dr. Annie Adamian, CSU, Chico

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