Structure and Function: A 4th Grade Science Unit


Fourth-grade students study animal eyes and feet to determine structure and specific function. They watch videos, study a dissected cow eye, construct replicas of a working cornea, pupil, and retina. Students read informational texts about owls to learn which parts of the owl’s body helps it hunt. Students use pictures of different types of bird feet to identify their specific function, adaptations, and lifestyle.

ESTEEM Team Members
  • Kaillee McNelis, Bidwell Elementary School
  • Chet Weir, Bidwell Elementary School
  • Rhonda Hammond, Jackson Heights Elementary School
  • Debbie McCaughey, Jackson Heights Elementary School
  • Teri Bertotti, Shaffer Elementary School
  • Kori Gallagher, Jackson Heights Elementary School
  • Suzanne Adkins, Principal, Bidwell Elementary School
  • Team Consultant: Dr. Jennifer Oloff-Lewis, CSU, Chico

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